~Dog Daycare~

~Please note~

We require you to provide current veterinary proof of the following vaccinations for each of the following:

Rabies; Distemper; and Kennel Cough.

Pets will be examined upon arrival, if fleas are present we will do a flea treatment at owners expense. Please use adequate preventative. 

On our 23 acre property, we spend ample time playing and enjoying walks with the dogs. This includes tons of off leash time with us in our enclosed play area. Both our walking trails and play area are kept free of all waste products! We incorporate buddy walks and buddy play if appropriate, often with our resident dogs, Ivy and Wilson joining in the fun.
Throughout the day we have a revolving schedule; multiple play times, walks, socialization, rest time and loads of attention! We serve high quality treats such as Mother Hubbard, Wellness, and Zukes and often a peanut butter kong!

Basically at Paws on Pine, we structure the day to meet the needs of the individual dog whether big, small, old, or young. Some may need more frequent potty walks or games, while others may simply desire time to hang out on their bed in the office with us! We are flexible and focused on making it a great stay! 

Boarding includes daycare activities 

~ Meals - We recommend bringing your pet's food, thus keeping their normal meal routine in place. Being somewhere other than home, coupled with a dietary change can often upset their digestive system. 

~ Treats - High quality; Mother Hubbard/Zukes/Wellness etc

~ Kong with yummy and nutritious fillings.

~ Late 'final' potty walk and hugs ensuring a comfortable and relaxing sleep.

​~ Early morning potty time/breakfast ~ then right into playtime and walks.

~ 24 hour audio and video monitoring